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  • Event Date:
    Apr 19, 2017
  • Time:4 - 6 PM
  • Location:2836 East Casto Lane
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    • Dutch Oven Cooking:22273
    • Feed a Family of Four on $160 a month:22360
    • Feed a College Student on $120 a month:22362
    • Garden Group:23631
    • Feed a Family of Two on $140 a month:22361
    • Emergency Preparedness:22275
    • Provident Living:27456
    • Nature Photography:22288
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Welcome to our Spring Community Garden Group!

Text me when you arrive OR just come around to the backyard.

Come for even an hour and work and receive a delicious dinner!

Learn more about our Community Garden Group now entering it's 10th year!

No cost for attending. 

RSVP if possible. 

All this month we have been focusing on preparing a space to transplant onions, garlic, and other herbs and plants currently in and outside the greenhouse. 

Those in the greenhouse have to be transplanted in other garden areas outside.

Workers also receive fresh herbs i.e. basil, rosemary, garlic, chives, and green onions.  

Bring garden gloves and a water bottle if possible.

I have latex gloves for those without gloves. 

Stay and work with us for the full time or just part. 

We will stay on this garden property the whole time.  

Come often and receive plants and harvest as they become available. 

Type of work we are doing in March & April: 

Plant early cold spring crops i.e. lettuce, kale, carrots and other salad makings.  

Separate and transplant 2000 garlic bulbs.  Yes, we have at least that many! 

Transplant onions, chives, oregano, anise, lambs ear, etc. 

Work in our large compost area, sifting and tossing.

Start seedlings and grow indoors.

I love my children learning that food comes from plants rather than the supermarket.  Also, the garden group is full of lots of fun people.

Sheryl McGlochlin

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