• Event Date:
    Apr 13, 2017

If you have any interest in any of our Southern Utah Adventure Trips from now through August, please come and learn more.  I would love to talk with you in person.

There are different types of trips offered:  

• Canyoneering Trips

• Backpacking Trips

• Hiking and Rock Climbing Trips

• EASY Multi-Sport Adventure Trips (morning hike, afternoon swimming, retreat, a more relaxed weekend get away)

ALL of these trips will provide lodging in a beautiful Coral Springs Vacation Home, just 10 minutes north of St. George

Most of the trips include expert, experienced, specialized guides (canyoneering, rock climbing, back packing)

5 Meals/Refreshments are included in the price. 

Price varies depending on the type of trip.

There is something for just about everyone. 

All trips are limited to less than 6 people.

All trips include amazing scenery found only in Southern Utah!

Plenty of private attention and instruction.

Most trips are a fun, quick weekend getaway! 

Carpool Assistance is arranged (as much as possible)

Contact Info: 

Sheryl McGlochlin

801-278-5313 - cell

sheryl@liveandthrive.com - email

liveandthrive.com - website

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