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  • Event Date:
    May 29, 2017
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  • Registration: /Outdoor_Recreation/Adventure_Club/Signup
  • Membership: Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Location:Millcreek Canyon
  • Time:6 - 11:30 AM
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  • Disclaimer: I agree to participate at my own risk. I agree not to hold Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl McGlochlin, her assistants, or affiliates responsible or liable for my safety. I understand that spring hiking can be dangerous and/or strenuous. I agree to go at a pace I am comfortable with and tell Sheryl about any concerns I have regarding this outing. I agree to inform Sheryl or her assistants if I don't feel comfortable or safe in this outing.  I agree to stay with the group and abide by Sheryl's guidelines for my safety and protection and for the safety of others.  I understand that consulting my physician is strongly recommended if I am new to this sport or have been inactive in the past. If I am new to Sheryl's group, I agree to come 30 minutes early to meet Sheryl and attend a short Hiking Orientation, held every Saturday in the parking lot, 30 minutes prior to leaving for the trailhead.  I understand I may communicate with Sheryl in person during this time and discuss any concerns I have. In addition I may contact Sheryl via email at sheryl@liveandthrive.com or call/text: 801-278-5313 as needed.
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Join us for a 14 year old tradition held every Memorial Day, regardless of weather conditions! 

Thank you so much in advance for coming! 

We prepare an abundance of food each year. 

RSVP so we can be ready for you! 

Breakfast is served at 7 AM!  

This canyon gets very busy on this holiday so come early for the best parking.

14 Annual Memorial Day Breakfast and Hike

$7/person for breakfast.

No fee to hike with our group

Everyone is welcome. Invite friends and family

RSVP & pay in advance for Breakfast


6 AM:  Set up - If you are an early bird, feel free to come and help us set up. 

You’ll receive breakfast first and the best parking spot! 

7 AM:  Breakfast Buffet Served

8:15 AM:  Start gathering for the hike at our breakfast area. 

Each person will choose between a beginner OR a moderate hiking trail.

Each trails start near our breakfast area so bring everything you need to hike with when you meet us at 8:15 AM. I’ll get both groups started on their trails before I go back to the breakfast area and clean up.

8:30 AM:  Leave for hike - no one is required to hike so hang back and finish eating if you like, while we start cleaning up. 

9 AM:  End of Breakfast. Join us for the clean up if you like.

11:30 AM: Hikers will be off this trail by or before this time.  You may turn around early, at any time.  If you want to keep hiking further, tell me in advance, at 8:15 AM.

$7/person for breakfast OR bring a food item. 

For those wanting to bring a food item: They must be pre-approved by me and must arrive by 6:45 AM. 

Contact info below. 

Bring your own mess kit (plate, spoon, fork, knife, bowl, cup, napkin) 

If you forget one, I’ll provide them


If possible pay in advance.

Pay me via VENMO or in person at any hike, prior to Saturday, May 27. 

Contact info below

Pay at the door if necessary.  We won't refuse you. No worries!


Crepes - Your choice of Chocolate or a variety of fruit toppings. Robert is our experienced Crepe maker every year and they are super delicious!

Pancakes w/ Maple Syrup & Whipped Cream

Egg Dutch Oven Dish

Potato Cheese Dutch Oven Dish

Fresh Fruit


Variety of Juice Drinks







Both within walking distance of our breakfast area

Easy:  Church fork & Pipeline - 300 ft. elevation gain in first 1/4 mile then mostly flat, 3 miles RT (or continue on further if you prefer)

Moderate:  Salt Lake Overlook - 1200 ft. elevation gain in 2.5 miles.  Approx. 5 miles RT 


Come early since the canyon fills up on holiday weekends like this. 

Millcreek Canyon is a fee area - Cost $3/vehicle when leaving the canyon, $2 for seniors 

Talk to others online or at the hike if you want to carpool.  

BEST Carpool Location:  3900 South Wasatch Blvd UTA Park n Ride. 

Access Millcreek Canyon: 3800 South Wasatch Blvd. 

Breakfast Location:  Approx. 3.5 miles up the canyon.  

LANDMARK - HOW TO FIND US QUICKLY:  Two 3 foot yellow cones will be set out to help you locate us. Look on the NORTH side of the canyon road a few hundred yards up the canyon road from Church Fork. 

DO NOT TURN INTO Church Fork Picnic area.  Continue driving a little further east up the canyon and look for the yellow cones. 

Cell phone coverage does not work in the canyons.  

Communicate in advance if you have any questions/concerns


Sheryl McGlochlin

801-278-5313 - Text or leave a message - RSVP for this event this way!


email:  sheryl@liveandthrive.com

Thank you for helping us celebrate the opening of our Summer Adventure Season!

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