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  • Event Date:
    Jun 03, 2017
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  • Registration: /Outdoor_Recreation/Adventure_Club/Signup
  • Membership: Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Location: 6200 So. Wasatch Blvd,
    UTA Park n Ride, Cottonwood Heights
  • Time:8 AM
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  • Disclaimer: I agree to participate at my own risk. I agree not to hold Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl McGlochlin, her assistants, or affiliates responsible or liable for my safety. I understand that hiking can be potentially dangerous and/or strenuous at times. I agree to go at a pace I am comfortable with and will let Sheryl know about any concerns I have regarding this hiking outing. I agree to inform Sheryl and/or her assistants if I don't feel comfortable or safe with this outing.  I agree to stay with the group and abide by Sheryl's guidelines for my own safety and protection.  I understand that consulting my physician is strongly recommended if I am new to this sport or have been inactive in the past. If I am new to Sheryl's group, I agree to attend a pre-hiking orientation, held prior to each hike, in the parking lot where we gather.  I understand I may choose to do a shorter hike if I prefer. I will communicate privately with Sheryl in person during this pre-hike orientation and discuss any concerns I have. In addition I may contact Sheryl via email at sheryl@liveandthrive.com or call/text at 801-278-5313 if needed.
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Welcome to our Spring Hiking and Waterfall Hiking Season

WATERFALL Hiking Safety Tips and Hikes


Start gathering at 7:30 AM, leave for trail at 8 AM. 

Plan on this SATURDAY HIKING Schedule every Saturday now through August 31. 

This is necessary due to the popular hiking summer season. Canyon parking lots fill up earlier)


Since we will have a large group (much bigger than what you see here on Meetup) I'll divide the group into two.  You'll choose from one of the following hikes. 

BTW: You'll always have people to hike with, especially on Saturday.

Mill B North and Mill B South (Lake Blanche Trail) are BOTH located at the S Curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  You will choose ONE of these trails. 

Mill B NORTH: This is a beautiful hike on the north side of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road but has some areas that are on the side of the mountain so if you are afraid of heights or don't have confidence in your ability to stay on the trail, choose another trail option. In about 1 1/2 miles you'll get up to a beautiful overlook area. From there you can look up the throat of Lake Blanche trail or Mill B South trail (they are the same).

Mill B SOUTH:  No worries if you don't want to hike in snow or on ice!  Just plan to turn around when you hit snow/ice trails. Today's hike is a "Get acquainted with* Lake Blanche" hike.  It's a very popular trail because it is SO beautiful!  From the very beginning there are gorgeous waterfalls so you get your reward early!  If you plan to go the full distance plan ahead. Bring spikes for ice/snow trail conditions and bring more water & some food. You will not finish by 11:30 AM. The bulk of our group will be off the mountain by 11:30 AM and will not be going to the top TODAY. However we will soon enough. This is an out and back trail so EVERYONE may enjoy this trail by only going as far as you feel comfortable!  Because this trail is one of my most favorite hikes in the Wasatch Mountains, we'll be doing it again at least a few more times this summer when the snow has melted on the upper trail, so no worries. Full hike: Approx. 7 miles RT. 2800 ft. elev. gain

ABOUT:  "Get Acquainted with...... Hikes"

I will be posting several "Get Acquainted with ..... Hikes" this summer. These are all more strenuous (steeper and/or longer) trails HOWEVER before you feel intimidated by any of these hikes, think of them as "Get Acquainted with.....hikes".  There is no law that says you have to go the full distance when you step on a trail!  Most of these trails are so beautiful and fun - even if you choose to go only a mile.  It will also instantly take the pressure off of you to feel the need to complete the hike. Just plan to enjoy the hike as far as you feel comfortable going!  Many people have only completed a portion of the hike several times before they felt comfortable doing the full trail. Don't let anyone talk you into going further than you feel comfortable in going!  Drive separately if necessary or I'll pair you with similar hikers.   

Some "Get Acquainted" hikes include: 

• Mt. Timpanogos - Aspen Grove and Timpooneke Trails

• Uinta Mountains - Several trails. Uinta Mountains are 45 minutes EAST of SLC

• Mt. Nebo - Near Nephi

• Lone Peak - Draper area

• Ben Lomond - Ogden area

• Deseret Peak - Oquirrh Mountain Range

You will know when you are able to complete a full hike. Your body will tell you and if you ask me I'll help you know when you are ready.  I'll pair you with strong hikers on a variety of other trails to test your skills. You will also learn how to prepare.  On these big hikes, plan to hike with similar experienced hiking companions. I can help you will all of this.

                                                 Lower Calf Creek Falls

LAST 8 AM Saturday Hike Meeting Time until fall.

8 AM: Start gathering, greet everyone, final instructions, news/announcements, arrange carpools, questions/concerns?

8:30 AM: Drive to trailhead

8:40 - 8:55 AM: Arrive at trailhead (generally 10 - 30 minute drive from meeting place UNLESS stated otherwise)

11:30 AM: Off the trail by or before this time - UNLESS otherwise stated

                                                        Farmington Falls

                                                              Lisa Falls

Our hiking group is: 

Consistent: Plan on us every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We rarely cancel unless something catastrophic happens, which hasn't in 14 years of hiking. 

Variety: In addition to 200+ day hikes each year, we offer several other outdoor sports, activities and trips you are invited and encouraged to attend. Examples include: International adventure trips, weekend getaways, kayaking, canyoneering, stand up paddle surfing, camping, Dutch Oven cooking, snowshoeing, backpacking, hooping, sledding, trampoline jumping, yoga, gardening, etc.  Many of these are also offered as classes for those who have little to no experience.  A price is required for most of these. Pre-meetings are held for some of these.  All will be posted on this site OR my website at liveandthrive.com.

Accommodating: Come to any hike and talk with me in person or one of my assistants with any concerns you may have. We can help you customize every hike to fit your needs and abilities. 

Experienced: Leading hikes every week for 14 years (since Feb. 2003) has allowed me to become very familiar with many trails in the Wasatch Mountains.

Safe: Safety is always our #1 priority. 

Flexible:  Even though you are in a group, you'll have plenty of options. Be social or enjoy quiet solitude. Hike longer or shorter. Go fast or slow. Stop and take breaks or hike like a mountain goat!

Fun:  With incredible beauty in all directions and surrounded by great people we often forget about the great workout that comes with this sport. 

Addictive:  Warning, after coming a few times you may get hooked like the rest of us. 

Friendly: New hikers attend every week and receive a warm welcome. Thank you in advance for making an effort to join us. 

Caring: I look forward to meeting you in person and will help you have a great experience on the mountain.  We attract many kind, caring people. Come early if you are new.

Free:  No yearly membership fees required for any local hikes.  

See links below to learn more.

RSVP today and join us soon!

Check us out! 

Welcome to our Group!

WATERFALL Hiking Safety Tips and Hikes

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