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  • Event Date:
    May 03, 2017
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  • Location:2836 E Casto Lane 5060 South
  • Time:7 - 9 PM
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In addition to learning a lot about Hydroponic Gardening, you'll receive refreshments and exotic vegetable seeds. 

Hydroponic Gardening is a high tech, fun, easy, space-saving, less-physical, money-saving, water-efficient, soil-free, creative way to grow your own food.


For those who are not familiar with hydroponics, CEA (controlled environmental agriculture), aquaculture, and aquaponics, this class is a great way to get started!

I'll help you get started with growing super foods in your own home using as little as 12" x 12" on a kitchen counter!

This class is great for anyone interested in 1) growing food for personal use AND 2) earning extra income by learning how to grow commercially. 

You'll receive a tour of my hydroponic garden to give you an idea of the different systems that may work for you.   

I don't sell any hydroponic greenhouses or supplies so this is not a sales presentation.  I do know what works for me.

Included with this course is a short tour of my own hydroponic garden. 

Cost:  $29/person.  

No previous gardening experience or knowledge is required.

In addition to my Hydroponic Garden I have a soil based Community Garden which you are invited to join if you like but there is no pressure to do so. 

Members of our Community Gardens receive produce in exchange for their work and is open February through November. 

All gardens are located in Holladay. 

Hydroponic gardens may be grown in a wide variety of spaces i.e. a corner of a bedroom, kitchen counter, garage, basement, warehouse, greenhouse, trailer, shed, etc.


Email or text me: 



Light refreshments served

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