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  • Event Date:
    Jun 24, 2017
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  • Registration: /Outdoor_Recreation/Adventure_Club/Signup
  • Membership: Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Location:East Canyon State Park
  • Time:5 - 8 PM
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  • Disclaimer: I agree to participate at my own risk. I agree not to hold Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl McGlochlin, her assistants, or affiliates responsible or liable for my safety. I understand that stand up paddle surfing and flat water kayaking can be dangerous and possibly strenuous. I agree to participate at a level I am comfortable with and stay within the designated area.  I agree to inform Sheryl about any concerns I have regarding this outing.  I agree to speak up if I am uncomfortable with this outing and will let Sheryl and/or any of her assistants know. I agree to abide by her guidelines for my own safety and the protection and safety of others.  I understand that consulting my physician is strongly recommended if I am participating in a new sport or have been inactive.  If I am new to Sheryl's group, I agree to attend the short orientation at the lake held before at each outing.
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      • Price:Outdoor Adventure Club members receive up to 5 Watercraft outings
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Two Saturdays a month during the summer you are invited to relax and enjoy a beautiful evening at East Canyon State Park and eat a delicious potluck dinner buffet provided by those who bring an item to share with the group. 

Those who would like to kayak or stand up paddle surf need to let me know in advance, if possible.  I have watercraft that I store at the reservoir for these special occasions. 

5 PM: Meet me at the very beautiful East Canyon State Park! 

EXACTLY where to find our group once you arrive:

After passing the Park Ranger/Fee Station, drive slowly down TOWARD the lake and boat ramp area. ON YOUR RIGHT look for DRY BOAT STORAGE inside a chain link fence. ON YOUR LEFT, across from the chain link fence look for a paved parking lot. PARK THERE. It's next to a GRASSY PICNIC AREA. In that area as soon as I arrive I'll place TWO LARGE YELLOW CONES to help you find me, hopefully at a covered picnic table.  If you arrive before me and don't see any yellow cones, wait on the grass near the parking lot until I arrive. Bring your food items, etc. and check in with me here. After everyone knows where our picnic spot is we'll see who wants to kayak and stand up paddle surf.  Those people will walk with me to the dry boat storage and get the watercraft out and carry it to the water, near our picnic area.

During all of this, don't ask any concessions person or park rangers where our group is since they don't know us and can't help you.  Call me if you get lost, if necessary.  801-278-5313.  If you see my big yellow cones but don't see me, just stay there. I'll be right back. Bathrooms are not far from us as well. 

This really is a beautiful state park!   I love it here, especially during this time of day!  


4 PM: If you want to carpool or follow me to the reservoir, meet me at EASTWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL,  3305 Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT 84109.  

RSVP if you plan to meet me here.  I'll leave here no later than 4:05 PM. 

My cell: 801-278-5313

WE'LL SEE WHO HAS ROOM TO TAKE ADDITIONAL PASSENGERS FOR CARPOOLING.  If not, plan to follow me to the State Park, approx. 30 minutes from this location.  Before entering the park we can consolidate cars so not everyone is having to pay a $9 entrance fee.  Bring some cash to help with entrance fees.

What to bring: 

Clothes that can get wet IF you plan to use the watercraft or go swimming

FOOD Item to share with the group

Plate, utensils, cup, bowl.

Blanket or yoga pad to sit on

NOTE: We'll be on soft grass and hopefully have a picnic table!!

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