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Sheryl's four adult children


Sheryl McGlochlin is the creator, owner and director of Live and Thrive, LLC (LiveAndThrive.com).  She is the author and instructor of her signature class, "Feed a Family of Four on $160 a month" which she has been teaching for nine years.


She has been consistently promoting provident, active, healthy, fugal-living classes, organizes 350+ outdoor adventure events each year, oversees a 3-acre community garden, works as a "provident living and emergency preparedness specialist" in her church and community, is a member of the Salt Lake Tribune's "Money Matter's" panel and has appeared regularly on KSL TV's "Studio 5" program.  In July 2010, she was featured in Salt Lake Magazine "Best of 2010".

In addition to raising four children...

being active in the outdoors and eating healthy on a shoestring budget is what she is most passionate about.

Since 2002, Sheryl has taught her popular, signature course, “Feed a Family of Four on $160 a Month”.  Her students, throughout Utah, are eager to learn how to spend less money on groceries while keeping a high standard when it comes to feeding their families.  Students are taught how to eat and prepare healthy, nutritious, delicious, quick meals - all made from scratch!

After years of perfecting her program, in January 2010, she developed a more refined system called the "6-3-4 Meal Plan" which means each meal is prepared in under 6 minutes, (not including cooking time), costs less than $3 per meal and makes enough food to feed a family of 4 adults.  Regardless of family size, Sheryl will teach you how to be successful with her program!

Teaching this course consistently has blessed her own family immensely and each student who has applied her basic principles.

Over the years, she has received hundreds of opportunities to share her healthy eating, money-saving ideas with any who would listen.

What motivates her...

It all began early in her marriage, when her new husband, Dave, encouraged her to make healthier choices in their home-cooked meals by using more whole grains and legumes.  He was raised on whole grains and legumes in his family while she was not.

Besides eating healthier, she discovered other benefits which made her very eager to tell the world:  the FINANCIAL blessings from following her program, especially in today's economy!  Once you learn the secrets of this program, it becomes a VERY inexpensive way to eat feed your family, which is why she calls her “healthy eating” class “Feed a Family of Four on $160/month”. The economy is forcing people to be more concerned about spending money rather than eating healthy, but the GREAT NEWS... you get BOTH in her "6-3-4" Meal Plan!

In 2007, she organized a Community Garden Group, which produces an abundance of local, fresh, organic, home grown fruits and vegetables!  It has continued to expand into multiple properties, donated by residential home owners around the Salt Lake valley.  The work is hard and demanding but extremely rewarding.  Not only is she feeding 200+ families but she teaches them valuable skills on how to grow their own food.  Skills that will help them the rest of their lives.

The Mayor of Holladay City, Dennis Webb, is part of her support team and loves her energy and creative ideas on how to help more citizens in her community eat fresh, local, organic food.

"How trials and hardships were actually great blessings in her life...

"I am actually very grateful for the financial trials I've had in my life.  Over the past 31 years of marriage and raising four children, I became very familiar with financial challenges - some caused by our decisions and some out of our control.  Our family of six has endured three layoffs, as my well-educated husband lost his job in the high tech, computer software industry due to outsourcing and downsizing.  Early in our marriage, when our four children were young and my husband was going to school and working, I remember having $5.00 to feed our family with more than a week left before our next pay check.  But even through extremely difficult times, LIFE WAS GOOD, thanks to living and following some basic principles and lessons I teach in my Feed a Family Classes. I've had many wonderful opportunities to see if I can "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" of what I have taught for so many years."

"How Sheryl rarely goes to a grocery store...."

"I buy whole grains and legumes in bulk.  I know how to preserve, prepare and cook delicious home-cooked meals supplemented with locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables from our gardens.  Even though we include a much smaller amount of dairy and meat, you would never know it!  Because of this diet, I rarely have a need to go to a grocery store.  It has saved our family a significant amount of time and money over the years!"

"How Sheryl is eager to teach others what she has learned!"

"I personally know the great feeling of turning a "weakness into a strength". I understand how just ONE layoff can financially devastate a person or family. However, I've learned over the years how to take difficult financial challenges and turn them into huge blessings and strengths and how to bless the lives of many others who are hurting."


"One final great blessing..."

In addition to teaching, farming and organizing groups, I have been distributing food to people in need since 1998.  Local stores have been providing me and my volunteer crew with day old baked goods (breads, bagels, etc.) nearly every day of the week, year round.  We love feeding people in need, no matter where they are, but much more than that, I love TEACHING people how to become more self reliant which will enable and empower them to feed their families on their own for the rest of their lives!


"A penny saved is a penny earned"



Earn Money • Save Time • Eat Well • Live Abundantly

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