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Our mission: 

To build strong communities by bringing together the talents, skills, efforts and resources of our members for a worthy cause.

To become more self reliant by growing an abundance of healthy, nutritious food for our families.

Learn more about how we operate on a daily basis by reading our DAILY GARDEN BLOG.  See what is happening in the gardens,  learn which gardens need the most attention, receive info about harvest distribution, etc.

Become a "Working" garden member.  You'll receive many GREAT rewards from our gardens! 

As a working garden member, you will learn how to grow a wide variety of crops.

Regardless of your desires or schedule, we have a membership that will work for you!

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Who should join our working garden membership?

Men, women, seniors, young people, busy professionals, retired folks, experts, beginner gardeners, people with physical limitations, etc.  You'll meet the most interesting people from all walks of life with ONE BIG thing in common - we all love nature and the outdoors and growing our own delicious food.

Bring a good attitude, a desire to learn and participate in our gardens!

For those who work in the garden, the time commitment is a minimum of 25 hours per year per household--with flexible hours.  Too busy to garden by still want fresh, local produce?  A non-labor membership entitles you to a share of everything we harvest as well as access to garden tours, workshops, recipes, and a wealth of useful information online.

Membership options:

Working Garden members who commit to working a minimum of 25 hours in the garden over 12 months will receive full benefits: learning how to grow their own food and receiving produce.

How to Participate

When you join, you'll receive a password to access information online and a Green Garden ID Card that identifies you as a member.  You'll get weekly emails with updates on what is happening that week in the gardens and information about what food is available to pick up and where.  The online calendar will show you when each garden's group work sessions are scheduled.  After you get familiar with things, you can make arrangements with the Garden Supervisor to work at other times (Monday-Saturday during daylight hours).  Each time you plan to work, RSVP online to the Garden Supervisor at least an hour before arriving.

About time commitments to the garden

A flexible schedule allows you to make your garden experience fun, easy and comfortable! Let us know when you are able to work, Monday through Saturday, any daylight hours.  For full garden benefits, plan to work at least 25 hours per household per year.  Each time you come, you'll learn new garden skills and techniques as well as receive food as it becomes available. 

"the more you come, the more you learn about growing your own food, and the more often you receive food since we don't make home deliveries".

Garden work includes

watering, planting, weeding, raking, pruning, tilling, climbing trees, picking fruit & veggies, picking fruit off the ground, shoveling, digging ditches, spreading manure on the soil, laying black plastic & drip line irrigation, etc.

How Do I Join?

When you sign up, select Working Membership.  You'll also be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, email, and a method of payment.  The membership will continue unless/until you cancel it, but you will receive notice in advance of the automatic renewal so you can opt to cancel at any time if you wish.  No refunds are given but your membership may be transferred to another person.



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