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My favorite winter sports

Everyday of the year is a new adventure!  It never gets old or boring.  It's all just minutes away from the valley.
Zipfy Riding
Nature Photography
Snowboarding - My son snowboards, I ski
Nature Photography
Downhill Skiing
Nature photography
Nature Photography
Snowshoeing with friends!
Outdoor scenic photography

Be prepared!

12 Essentials to carry when Hiking or Snowshoeing:

These items are not all required to have but get in the habit of being prepared.  These are the items to acquire and bring on hikes.  You never know when they may come in handy - either to help you or someone else.

  1. Water - Essential!!!
  2. 2 Way Radio/Walkie Talkie
  3. Extra Food
  4. Layer up w/ extra Clothing/Insulation
  5. Rain/Wind Protection
  6. Sun Protection (Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, lip balm)
  7. Compass
  8. Map
  9. Flashlight w/ spare batteries
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Emergency Kit (Whistle, matches or small lighter, candle or fire starter tabs, lightweight reflective emergency bag or space blanket, pocket knife)
  12. My cell phone is 801-278-5313.  Call for last minute emergencies if you don't see us at the meeting place.  Don't depend on cell phone service in the canyons since they don't always get reception.

Recreation Activities

Upcoming Snowshoeing Events

14th Annual Memorial Day Breakfast & Hike, Millcreek Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Mill D North Trail to Dog Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Scout Falls, American Fork Canyon
SPRING HIKE: Trail & Canyon To be announced soon
Spring Hiking Orientation
Hooping Class (Hula Hooping)
SPRING HIKE: Farmington Falls
Trampoline Jumping Class
Tennis Class
Spring Hike: Trail & Canyon To be announced soon

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