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Secrets to my Success
4/19/2018 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Secrets to my Success

Occasionally people ask me how I got started in this outdoor adventure business but I think an even better question is how have I been able to maintain it for so many years.  People start businesses all the time but it's a completely different set of rules to be successful in that business for 15+ years. It takes a great deal insight, dedication, vision and tenacity to keep things going when the going gets rough.  

I'll share what I think are some of the Secrets to my Success. 


2) Being open to new ideas


A game changer for me since December 15, 2017

Here are some specific things in my life that ASEA has definitely helped me with. 

These are my own personal experiences - not some second hand account of someone else's life. 

A good friend introduced me to ASEA Dec 15, 2017.  Like most people, I was skeptical and didn't want to try it. 

I had learned to cope with some health problems I had.  Luckily for me, Malen cared more about my health than I did at the time and kindly insisted that I give this product an honest try.

What happened over the next several months while using ASEA is so exciting and something I want to share with everyone I know!

We all have our own set of trials and challenges regarding health.  

After learning more about this product and how it has helped me, if you want to try ASEA, I have some advice for you. 

I have seen people try ASEA for a week and if they didn't notice anything different they stopped using it. 

Some people will notice a difference within a week.  Some it will take much longer like a month or even up to 3 months. 

So before you start, make a commitment to use ASEA as directed for 90 days. 

Then make your judgements after that. 

I noticed something different within a week but some don't notice anything that soon. It's different for everyone. 

You also can't go out and treat your body like trash then expect to take ASEA to make everything better. 

Eat right, get plenty of exercise and sleep - 3 things a person should always do to help their body and mind. 

It's not an end all cure.  But it is another incredible tool or resource in keeping you healthy and strong.

Those who know me, know I don't sit around much.  My website displays a very small portion of what I do each day. 

A few areas of my life ASEA has helped me

I'm sure you can relate to many of these

Challenges of caring for aging parents

Challenges of growing older

Stress from preparing and executing many adventure trips each year in Hawaii, Italy, Southern Utah, Iceland, Denmark

Digestive issues due to having a foot of my colon removed in Aug. 2013

Hiking in stressful, humid climates i.e. Hawaii, etc.

Challenge of relaxing and getting a good nights rest without thinking of the cares of that day.  

Being able to wake up early between 5:30 - 6 AM each morning without an alarm clock and feeling great!

Challenges of common colds, sore throat, swollen glands, sneezing, runny nose, head aches, respiratory problems, coughing, etc

Constant muscle and joint aches and pains due to hiking, skiing and gardening so much.

Back aches from gardening

Unwanted bug or spider bites

Challenges from serious sun damage on my face.

Needing a serious boost of energy without any harmful side effects

Multi-sport days when I pack in several sports in a short amount of time like hiking, skiing, racketball, and gardening.

Stresses from traveling i.e. adjusting to new time zones, new foods your body is familiar with, etc. 

Parties and gatherings that offer a wide assortment of food when my body already has digestive problems. 

Working in the Salt Lake Temple at 5 AM every Friday for 6 hours. 

The challenges of being a mother of 4, wife of 1, and grandmother of 6.

ASEA has helped me in amazing ways with all of these areas!  I could write a chapter on each one of these challenges and how ASEA has made life so much easier than it used to be.


Watch a few videos to learn what ASEA is and how it works:

My ASEA Website

Video #1

Video #2 

Video #3

If you have any questions or want info about ASEA, let me know.

Contact me when you are ready to try ASEA and see for yourself! 

I will give you a tracking sheet to help you track your progress.

Sheryl: 801-278-5313

The Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world, with a crazy cloud shining off of it

Being Open to New Ideas

I'll never forget a simple experience January 2007 that completely changed the course of my life.   I believe it really is the small and simple things in our daily lives that make the biggest impact on us long term.  

I had been invited to do a 1 hour "How to Snowshoe" Presentation at a local REI store one evening in January.  After the presentation a man from the audience approached me and said, 

"How would you and your husband (by now he knew I was married) like to go to Switzerland and hike the Alps for 10 days, all expenses paid?"  

NOTHING he said sounded even remotely possible!  Me going to Europe?  Me going with my husband to Europe?  Me being able to endure a flight across the Atlantic Ocean?  Me being able to hike the Alps?  Me being able to do all of this for FREE?  

After the shock of this conversation finally wore off, I started thinking about it more seriously.  He was a professional hiking guide who took groups to the Swiss Alps every summer. He told me all of this could happen if I let me circle of friends know about this trip and if 10 people signed up, my husband and I would go for free. 

8 months later:  My husband and I were on a plane to Geneva, Switzerland and had the most amazing time of our lives - ALL EXPENSES PAID, just like he had promised me!  

I tell you this story because I will make you a similar offer.  I'll help YOU travel for FREE by letting your friends and family know about my adventure trips!   I know it will change your life like it did mine!!   Your contacts are very valuable and will help you do things and go places that you otherwise thought were impossible.