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Summer Activities
5/17/2019 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Summer Activities

Summer Activities

June - September 2019


Activities (No Fee required) See Meetup Calendar






Rapid Fire Tennis


Biking (Paved Trails)


Stand Up Paddle

Emergency Preparedness (Dutch Oven Cooking, making Freeze Dried Foods, Camping 101, 1 night Camping Trips, etc.)

Also includes:

Tips for quick muscle recovery & repair

Tracking Sheet (for your progress)


$100/person (covers all activities)

TRIAL COST: $25 - One time, one outing

$75 - 2 or more outings

Payments: VENMO, Paypal, check, cash

VENMO: sheryl mcglochlin  Paypal:

No refunds

Outings are private and not posted publicly online.

Communication/reminders: Text Message


Once payment is made, TEXT your NAME and EACH group you want reminders for.


No prior experience/skills necessary EXCEPT Biking

Instruction included if desired

Opt for a shorter outing while building strength for a full outing

Strengthen and tone core muscles, improve agility, balance, coordination skills

Recieve a great Cardio workout

Try several sports and activities

Meet fun active outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities

Cross-train for a more overall workout

Lose unwanted pounds

10+ outings per activity (June thru September, some may go into October)

Activities require an RSVP before attending.

Enjoy a Healthy environment! Focus on helping others improve skills and abilities rather than comparing or competing.


water bottle


Wear comfortable clothing and good shoes



Provided: a weighted hula hoop, (weighted w/ 2 cups water inside the hoop)

Hoops available for purchase: $20 (optional)

Hooping is held during 1) Picnic at the Lake after Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Surfing 2) during and after Trampoline 3) during Rapid Fire Tennis at the park (practice hooping skills)

Location: My home, backyard, Holladay area, East Canyon State Park or Olympus Hills Park.

Learn and practice 30+ hooping moves i.e. hoop n turn, hoop n stretch, hoop n walk, hoop n dance, hoop n run, hoop n kneel, hoop n hop, hoop n jump, hoop n lunge, hoop n balance, hoop n read, hoop n eat, etc.



Provided: “Silent Partner” tennis machine, many tennis balls, limited number of tennis rackets.

All levels invited (easier than what it looks like on this link)

Improve your backhand and forehand swing

Meet potential new tennis partners!

NOTE: This is a fun, group outing, NOT a game of tennis.

90 minutes

Learn and practice 10+ tennis skills

Wednesday, 5 - 6:30 PM

Location: Olympus Hills Park, 3131 East 4500 South (NOTE: 2 parking lots, park closest to the tennis courts),-111.8056618,636m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8752617c2e7ad7b3:0xc908cf01530df3e6!8m2!3d40.6769198!4d-111.8034731

Continuous swinging practice

Round Robin: Move quickly after swinging, to allow the next person to swing.

Plenty of movement: swinging, walking or running

Teamwork involved

Take turns feeding the balls back into the machine.

No need to bend over to pick up balls (ball hoppers do that)

Good running/tennis shoes required

Bring your own tennis racket if possible.

Tennis Machine used:  Silent Partner Tennis Machine



Provided: 5 full size trampolines, ballet bar* (for stretching) - Our “Ballet Bar” is a waist-high, frame of a trampoline (great for stretching on)

One person per trampoline

Learn and practice 10+ easy, effective trampoline moves (some require little jumping but work muscles in a big way)

1 hour class

Thursday, 5:30 - 6:30 PM

My home, backyard, Holladay area

NO flips, jumping from tramp to tramp, extreme moves, etc.  

Start easy and work up from there IF you are not used to jumping on trampolines.



Must be able to ride a bike on a paved path.

Provided: guide, friendship, companionship.

There is safety in numbers, especially while hiking and biking.

Provide your own bike and helmet.

PAVED bike trails only.

Outings held once a week

8 - 11 AM, either a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday

Bike outings may happen DURING a weekday hike

8 - 11 AM includes meeting, driving and biking.

Start easy and work up to more if you are not used to biking.
On a Tuesday or Thursday, bike routes and hiking trails may start near each other.

I’ll get the hikers started then we’ll begin riding.

Trails may be located in 4 counties: Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, or Summit

Always use the Buddy System - plan to ride with someone.

Trails may include:

Murdock Canal Trail - 17 miles one way

Porter Rockwell Trail - Draper - 10.7 miles one way

Millennium Trail - Summit Park, Jeremy Ranch, Kimball Junction, Historic Union Station

McLeod Trail - Park City

Jordan River Parkway - 49 miles, Thanksgiving Point, many places to start in SLC & Utah county,

Olympic Parkway Trail - Snyderville

Poison Creek Trail - parking at Historic Union Pacific Trailhead on Prospector Ave

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail - Park City City Park - 28 mile one way - Park City to Echo Reservoir

Bonneville Shoreline Trail near Parleys Canyon - connects to Parley’s Trail heading west AND also connects

Parley’s Trail starting in Sugarhouse Park - 8 mile one way

City Creek Canyon & Memory Grove - 7 miles one way

Provo River Parkway - Starting at Utah Lake, ending at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon - 15 miles one way

Paved trail through Farmington starting at the park, east of Lagoon - The hike nearby is Farmington Canyon Falls


KAYAKING & Potluck Picnic!

Most Kayak and SUP are together (some exceptions may apply)

Provided: sit-on-top kayaks, a sit-in kayak, paddles, limited number of life jackets

Provide your own life jacket if possible

Stay with the group - required. You aren't allowed to disappear to the other end of the lake on your own.

5 - 8 PM, either a Monday, Friday or Saturday

Generally once a week, maybe more.

Weather dependent

Carpools are encouraged

Park fees may apply per vehicle ($2 - $9/day) Senior discounts available. Location: Varies. Generally plan on 15 - 30 minute drive from mouth of Parleys Canyon.

Potluck Picnic for every activity, during and/or after each outing

Bring a delicious, edible food item to share.

Alcohol is prohibited

Learn and practice 10+ kayaking skills

Help us load/unload watercraft to/from the water

Wearing a life jacket is required.

Bring a mess kit (bowl, plate, spoon, fork, knife), picnic blanket or camp chair (optional), water shoes or flip flops, hiking/walking shoes (to carry watercraft from dry land to the water), a change of clothes



Provided: stand up paddle boards, paddles, limited number of life jackets

Read details for Kayaking since these 2 sports are nearly the same and are together

Learn and practice 10+ stand up paddle skills

Bring a yoga pad to use on the surfboard (recommended by not required)