Welcome to your new Outdoor Adventure Family!

"Living the Dream" is a series of seminars offered in 2019 designed to help you develop and achieve your own personal passion for Adventure Travel and Outdoor Recreation!  

I know first hand how incredible experiences can happen if you develop a good support team. I want to be part of your team - helping and supporting you in the adventure travel and outdoor recreation part of your life. 

In 2003, I organized and promoted a simple, local hike in my community. What happened during the next 15 years went way beyond my wildest dreams and expectations! This could be YOUR dream as well!

Learn how the power of adventure travel and outdoor recreation can actually change your life as it did mine.

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Harmons Holladay Market
4675 South Holladay Blvd, Holladay, Utah 84117

Walk up a few stairs to the Conference Room

Cost to attend
  • $99.00per Person
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Living the Dream, Part 1, an interactive seminar
Refreshments served

Cost: $99/person

Receive a $100 Gift Certificate good toward any Live and Thrive 2019 Adventure Trip when you register by January 1, 2019.

To register, pay $99 via check, venmo or paypal to Sheryl McGlochlin
VENMO: sheryl mcglochlin
PAYPAL: sheryl@liveandthrive.com

(One per person, may be applied toward any available trip, no cash value, non-transferrable, adults 18 & older)

Instructor: Sheryl McGlochlin with Guest Speakers TBA

Prior to this event, feel free to send me any specific questions that we can discuss at the seminar. Get the most from this seminar by coming prepared to share thoughts about your interests, hobbies, experience, passions, skills, or talents, etc. if you like.

I would love to know what your short term AND long term goals, dreams, ambitions and/or desires are regarding Adventure Travel and Outdoor Recreation!

NOTE: No prior experience, skills, or abilities are required to attend.

Learn more about how I got started in the Adventure Travel business 16 years ago

Focusing on: 

How to travel for free
How to influence others develop a passion for outdoor recreation
How to help youth get excited about adventure travel
The power of a trip itinerary
The importance of hosting a Pre-Trip Meeting
How to easily lose weight and tone up through adventure travel and outdoor recreation
How to become wealthy through outdoor adventure travel
How an adventure trip will help you through a life-crisis or hardship
How to barter and trade with outdoor adventures, travel, and recreation
How adventure trips can start lowering stress as soon as you start planning your trip
How to create and build a successful adventure travel business
How to create and develop a successful outdoor recreation business
Outdoor Recreation vrs Adventure Travel
How to create and build an outdoor adventure trip
How to create and build an ongoing outdoor adventure group
How to discover and develop your own outdoor adventure passion
How to earn income through adventure travel
How to find friends who share your same passions
How to become a guide
What it takes to become a successful guide
How to develop valuable problem solving skills
How to pursue your passions with or without a college degree
How to become someone people want to travel with
Why people need you and you need people
How to have a thriving business without getting burned or burned out.
How to build a network of people
An intimate look at the lifestyle of an outdoor adventure traveler
Meal planning for a group of 12 or 2, where ever you are in the world.
How to create a Ready-To-Go Trip in just a few hours
Type of certifications that are available to further your career
A List of Resources and Information related to these careers
A List of Education, Careers, Degrees, and Training that are useful

Since this is a lot of information, more seminars will be posted throughout the year.

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More about Sheryl

For 16 years (since February 2003) Sheryl has taken thousands of individuals on local and international adventure trips ranging from 1 hour to 10 days. International Adventure Trips include Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, and British Virgin Islands. Domestic Trips included the US Virgin Islands, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and 6 of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to 4 - 10 day trips, she has organized and promoted more than 2300, local, adventure outings in and around the Wasatch Mountains and beyond.

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Harmons Holladay Market

4675 South Holladay Blvd, Holladay, Utah 84117

Walk up a few stairs to the Conference Room

I'm interested!

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