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East Side Gardens

(General locations)

2 Holladay Gardens                                5000 So. 3000 E and 6200 So 2300 E.


East Side Gardens include: 

  • 1200 sq. ft. high tunnel, cold-frame greenhouse

Members will receive hands-on training in a variety of garden skills including

  • composting
  • growing plants from seed
  • working in a variety of soils

East Side Gardens

1200 sq. ft. High Tunnel Coldframe Greenhouse
Inside the High Tunnel when we were installing the Micro Irrigation Drip Line
A wide variety of salad greens are grown in our Holladay gardens
Delicious fruits, veggies and baked goods from local bakeries are distributed each week to our members during harvest season.
We network and trade with other Holladay farmers and growers to recieve even more produce.
There is nothing like working hard in the gardens and finally being rewarded with the fruits of our labors!
We not only grow an abundance of produce but enjoy teaching our members how to preserve it through canning, freezing and drying methods.
Crops are planted not only in the spring but in the fall as well, so we can enjoy early crops in January - March!
We grow a large assortment of tomatoes and other crops like cucumbers, etc.
Summer and Winter squash, peppers of all kinds, and plums are grown in Holladay
Some of our early season crops i.e. spring mix, spinach, lettuce and peas
In the early spring, we refer to our Holladay Gardens as the "Pea Plantation"
Hydroponics is one of many ways to grow food. We teach methods of vertical gardening and how to use creative containers to grow shallow-rooted crops like strawberries, etc.
Square foot gardening is another fun way to demonstrate how we grow produce
Our little "Garden of Eden", in June, growing lettuce and peas, before we added the roof on our high tunnel greenhouse.
Peppers are just one of many plants we grow from seed. Early spring is the time we spend growing seedlings in our greenhouse.

Our Gardens

Upcoming Gardening Events

Rain or Shine: Spring Garden Work in Greenhouse w/ harvest and refreshments
Spring Garden Work w/ Harvest and Refreshments

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