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FAQ for our Community Gardening Group
3/14/2016 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: FAQ for our Community Gardening Group

Community Garden FAQ: 

Do I receive my own garden plot to plant and harvest?

No.  We do not subdivide our garden property and give it to individual members.

Do I work with a larger garden as a team effort? 

Yes.  You will be invited to work in our larger garden properties and work as a team.  We have 4 garden properties (2 in Holladay, 1 in West Jordan, 1 in South Jordan). You may work with a few people or work alone.  If you have a special request for something you would like to see planted or any other request, let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible or not.  

If I am with a larger garden, am I expected to harvest the whole thing?

All the work is easier because there are others involved so you never have to plant, maintain or harvest the whole garden by yourself.

What are the dues?

Full benefit membership is $100/person/year.  For those who want basic benefits i.e. to come and just work in the gardens without receive much harvest, they can always come for free.

What kind of time commitment is there? 

Our garden schedule is flexible ONCE you are familiar with the gardens and you know what to do. In the early spring our group work sessions are generally held Saturday afternoon which are posted on our online calendars (meetup and my website  Once you are familiar with a garden you may notify me to come at a time more convenient to your schedule.  I need to know who is on our garden properties at any given time in case there is ever a question or problem.

How much produce do I get in return? 

It’s a simple concept.  As a VIP member (one who has paid the yearly $100 dues), the more often you come and work, the more you receive. Most VIP members come once a week for 1 - 2 hours/week. They can see how things are growing and when harvest will be ready. For example, if you come weekly you will receive more than someone who comes only once a month. 

What is the mission of your Community Garden Group?

It’s two fold:  1) Help members gain valuable hands-on experience, knowledge and skills growing food in Utah 2) Help members enjoy an abundant harvest as well as learning how to preserve it.

Are children welcome to come and work/play along side me while I garden? 

I need to know in advance more about the children and their ages, who may be attending with an adult. Since we are in the backyard properties of private home owners we have to make sure that any children stay with the parent and not disturb anything else on the property.  Some garden properties are more child friendly than others so I’ll inform you of those issues in advance.

Do I need to work at all of the garden properties?

No, if you prefer you may stay and work at one garden if you like, however, we are always looking for those who are willing to be flexible and work in a garden that needs the most attention.

What about restroom facilities, drinking fountains, etc.?

When you come to our gardens the first time I will let you know where to park and where the nearest public restrooms are located. Since we have partnered with very generous private home owner’s who allow us to use their garden space, we try to show respect for their property by staying in our garden space only and not bother them in any way. 

What should I bring?

Bring garden gloves, cell phone, water bottle, a snack and hand wipes if you like.  Also a bag of bags (like plastic grocery bags). If there is harvest or other food items to take home that will help a lot. Wear clothes and shoes that can get dirty. If you need a chair to sit down, bring your own. If you have any small garden tools, bring them if you like but put your name on them. I have tools so no worries if you don’t have any.