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Hiking Benefits

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, August 21, 2015

For best results and the most benefits.... come often!

• Develop a stronger, toned body

• Meet MANY fun people

• Develop long lasting relationships

• Relieve stress easily and quickly

• Enjoy peace and quiet, even within a group setting

• Create a natural high that lasts long after the hike is over

• Dump unwanted pounds and fat

• Shoot photos of breath-taking scenery & stunning beauty

• Gain a new perspective on things you may be struggling with in life

• Experience how grand and awe-inspiring mother nature is

• Develop confidence in knowing you can do hard things

• Accept our invitations to join us in Outdoor Adventure Trips near and far

• Come alive with all of your senses

• Appreciate life more and feel gratitude for simple pleasures

• Energize your entire body and feel happier

• Heal whatever ails you with nature’s best medicine

• Relax and meditate

• Breathe in an abundance of fresh clean air and plenty of oxygen

• Escape from mundane, daily routines and boring chores

• Discover how inexpensive and rewarding a short day hike, close to home can be

• Treat yourself to therapeutic, healing, soothing, relaxing benefits

• Enjoy 210+ hike or snowshoe outings each year

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Summer Hike: Trail & Canyon TBA
SUMMER Hiking Orientation
Summer HIKE: Canyon & Trail TBA

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